Cold compress:

1. It can effectively relieve muscle strain, sprain, bruise, redness and swelling caused by impact during exercise and reduce pain to a certain extent;

2. Help relieve burns, pain and discomfort caused by burns;

3. Cold compress can physically cool down during heating;

4. It can keep cool and cool in a certain time. It is widely used and can be flexibly deployed.Transportation, Ice pack can be cold source, keep food, fresh, not turn into bad.


Hot compress:

1. It can be used for heating in winter;

2. Relieve the freezing caused by low temperature and promote blood circulation;

3. Relieve fatigue;

4. Patients with joint pain, rheumatism and dysmenorrhea can be equipped with hot compress to relieve the pain.

5. The thermal use of this product is mainly to keep the heat in a certain period of time, and can provide heat to the required parts, which can be used flexibly.


∗Suggestion: this product is mainly used as an auxiliary product for rehabilitation treatment, and USES its physical properties to produce therapeutic effect. Please use it according to the instructions in the manual when using it. If you have serious injury or pain, please go to the hospital in time!